Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wellbeing Wednesday | Have you tried Shinzo green tea?

In my quest to develop better habits, I am trying to drink more green tea.  I’ve always kind of struggled with the rather bitter taste of it though – but am getting used to it!  So I was quite excited when I discovered this green tea at a health show I went to a couple of years ago and I’ve been buying it ever since!  

It’s called Shinzo green tea/ sencha and when I tasted a sample I was offered I was pleasantly surprised to discover it didn’t have the usual bitter taste that green tea often has at all.  It also comes in powder form (foil packed for freshness) rather than leaf form and is very concentrated – the container comes with a teensy spoon for measuring the powder, a little goes a long way so a container lasts you ages.  Being in powder form also means you’re not leaving behind a lot of the goodness you would leave behind in leaf teas.  All you need to do is add freshly boiled water and give it a stir.


Why drink green tea?

Green tea is brilliant for maintaining good health, it aids weight loss, is an antioxidant and has been used in ancient medicine, particularly Chinese/ Japanese, for centuries to cure all sorts of ailments.

I particularly like this green tea too because you’re not limited to drinking it as a tea – you can add the powder to cold drinks, food, cakes, protein shakes and even ice cream.  The powder does not have much of a taste at all so you reap all the benefits of the green tea without compromising the taste of whatever you’re eating – definitely a plus J  

I stock up on this wonderful green tea here on the Shinzo website – they do leaf tea too (‘proper’ sencha) as well as something called ‘genmaicha’ which I’d really like to try next time. Loving this tea at the moment!  And it’s helping me consume my goal of 10 glasses of water a day too – result!

Shinzo also show you how to brew the perfect green tea on their website and share the health benefits of drinking green tea.

Bottoms up!


Daily Checklist | live a balanced life and achieve your goals

So here we are in the final quarter of the year!  Wow!  A bit scary!  This is certainly a time for reflection for me to see how well I did with achieving my goals for the year and try to cram the rest into the final three months of the year!

For me personally I know I need to form good habits in order to make progress in all the areas I am trying to achieve things in.  But it’s not always easy.  Just like the person who starts a diet or joins the gym, it’s easy to go with all guns blazing for the first two days and then fall off the bandwagon.

So I thought it would be a good idea to make up some sort of personal daily checklist I could use to make sure I do all the things that need doing on a daily basis that will help me get closer to reaching my overall goals.  Once you develop good habits you become unstoppable!

The last thing I need is an exhaustive checklist with all these things to do to wear me out every day so I decided to simply divide my daily checklist into three key areas: Mind, Body and Soul.  After all, these are the three key areas we should be feeding, right?

I know this checklist will definitely be tweaked as I remember things I forgot to add and as I find some things don’t really need to be on there.

But this is what it looks like thus far, let me know what you think?  What would you add/ take away? 
If you're having trouble downloading it (pdf) here's a snapshot of it.  I'm afraid I could only get it really tiny (i.e. unreadable) or really big (distorting my blog post!) and I opted for the latter option as there's not much point adding an unreadable image is there!  I'll work out how to get it perfect next time!

This will certainly be a work in progress but it’s something to get me going in the meantime to ensure I live a balanced life on a daily basis.  I will be creating other lists (I love lists!) to ensure I meet my personal goals as well as my business goals.  I'll probably do some posts on the different elements of my checklist too.  I guess bible readig/ prayer is more of a 'soul' thing but I didn't want to put it at the bottom of my list; it should be the first thing I do each day to give me a solid start to the day and for me it's a form of renewing my mind.
My blogger friend Lauren is co-hosting what promises to be an awesome - and very useful - link up next Monday called Make a Habit, Break a Habit, I soo plan to get involved and encourage you to do so too!  There's nothing like making good habits and breaking bad ones to make you truly unstoppable! 
Also linking up today with the Jack of All Trades link up over at This Darling Day!
A Harvest of Blessing

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bring on October | Weekly Wishes #15

I’m always gobsmacked at how quickly we’re suddenly back at Weekly Wishes when it feels as though I’ve barely finished typing my goals for the week!  Does anyone else find that Weekly Wishes really helps you to achieve your weekly goals?  During the week I find myself asking myself whether I’m checking everything off my Weekly Wishes list.  It’s made me accountable and focused, it’s absolutely great!  It’s one thing writing down your list of goals for the week and stuffing it in your handbag where you can forget about it, and quite another publishing your goals to the world! 

Anyway last week was not the best of weeks for me blog-wise.  In a nutshell I was up late one night changing labels on my wellbeing and beauty blog posts (about 40 posts) and I, ahem, deleted them all by mistake.  Yep, I know I’m an idiot and I can’t explain how it happened.  I think after changing the labels the posts are highlighted and I happened to delete a few draft posts I no longer needed (great timing, eh!) and I’m sure all my wellbeing and beauty posts went along with them.  Down the pan.  Never to be seen again.  Just like that.  One word: gutted.  I won’t bore you with the details but you can read about it here.  I’ve managed to retrieve a large portion of my posts using Google Cache but will have to repost them.  *sob* 

Oh well.  No use crying over spilt milk?  I shall take it on the chin as a (bitter) lesson learnt!

So, onto my goals, how did I do with last week’s goals?  Not too bad considering the week went by in a blink of any eye and I spent most of it mourning the loss of my blog posts.

Last week’s goals:

1.    Blog every day – I nailed this!  And it wasn't easy.  Hoorah.
2.    Eat healthy and drink 10 glasses of water every day – when I think of last week visions of fish and chips, pizza and not so healthy drinks come to mind so I’ll be honest and say no!  I’ll make up for it this week!
3.    Finish my marketing strategy for my part-time beauty and wellbeing business – done!  Just working on my operations plan now.  I know I plan way too much for everything, after all this is only a part time business, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist. 
4.    Spend one hour on personal development every day – I was going to say no as I didn’t do this intentionally (i.e. sit down for an hour of PD), but every day I did read bits here and there which would have added up to an hour a day so I’ll say yes!  I’m glad PD is part of my life now and I don’t have to make a concerted effort to do this.
5.    Find a good (and cheap) tiler to tile our kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors – we had a tiler come in to assess the work to be done.  He’s good.  But something tells me he’s not cheap.  We await his quote with baited breath.
6.    Put together an outline for a book I plan to write – no BUT, I hasten to add, I did give myself until the end of September for this.  Oh, that’s tomorrow.  Bugger.
7.    Read SOMETHING – do emails count?  Lol.  Ok I did read a few magazine articles and personal development stuff, but I didn’t pick up a book as such.  So I’m going to say I did read SOMEthing J
And this week’s goals - I call them my 7 Goals in 7 Days:

1.    LEARN HOW TO BACK UP MY BLOG.  Paragraph 2 of this blog post refers.  Enough said.

2.    Put together an October Plan.  In fact a Final Quarter Plan as October will probably be finished by the time I finish writing my October plan.  Can you believe we’re going to be in the final quarter of the year on Wednesday?

3.    Prepare to launch my part time wellbeing and beauty business.  I was hoping for this to happen on the 1st October but it’s more likely to be next Monday now.

4.    Finish landscaping the top section of our garden – I make my garden sound big by saying ‘a section’ haha! Trust me, it’s not.  I had fun working in the garden over the weekend and can’t wait to show you the results of my hard work when it’s done J 

5.    Make a trip to our allotment – I haven’t been in weeks and just hate to imagine what carnage awaits me.  I’ve been so busy with the house and garden I haven’t had time to go to the allotment.  I need to harvest anything that’s left and basically clear up.  Hard work awaits.

6.    Finish my book outline – I like the way I’m saying ’finish’ when I haven’t even started, haha!  But I will start today.

7.    Go to the gym – I’m ashamed to say I’ve not been to the gym in months.  I blame it on all the house redecoration we’re doing that’s taking up every minute of my time.  I really have to make it there this week and get into a routine. 
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