Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Going green

Last autumn we painted our wooden rough sawn fence an oaky autumn colour – it seemed the safest option as it was close to the original colour of the fence and we wanted to protect the fence too from the harsh winter weather with the 2-in-1 fence paint and stain with preserver.

However there was something I just didn’t quite like about it.  It seemed out of place, a bit too bright, almost orange!  I’m currently in the process of doing up our garden and I’m trying to get a nice calm zen look and feel to it – and the bright fence wasn’t quite fitting into the plan!

And so I woke up last weekend and decided that forest green was the colour the fence needed to be.  I did consider it in the autumn when we chose a colour but I thought green might be too drastic and then we’d be stuck with this awful looking fence.  But last weekend I decided to take the plunge.

I bought some Ronseal forest green shed and fence stain, got home, and decided to try it out straight away, eager beaver that I am!  I probably should have painted a little strip first and then evaluated it but for some reason I painted two entire fence panels, went into the house for something, came out and gasped in horror – there was just one thing that came to mind as I looked at our newly transformed fence.


Eek.  That wasn’t quite the look I was aiming for.  However, I continued with the painting and decided we’ll just have to get used to it!  As the paint dried, the bright green turned into a proper deep forest green and I let out a sigh of relief.  It actually looked quite nice and calm and zenlike!  Yay!  So I continued painting.  It’s quite time consuming so I’ve been doing a panel here and there after work and on the weekends when it’s sunny – I have just a few panels left to do (oh and a second coat all round!).

It’s amazing what a difference a lick of paint can do.  It can completely transform the whole look of a garden, house or interior room.  The green fence is blending into the scenery and background which is exactly what I intended so that the highlight is the garden and not a bright orange fence!  However, I looked out of our upstairs window to survey everyone else’s fences around us and we’re the only one with a green fence!  Oh well, it's good to stand out, right?

But I like it.  And that’s what counts J

And speaking of paint transforming the look of a house, check out this house that was in the national news last week here in London!  Quite hilarious!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Farewell Weekly Wishes

I do hate goodbyes.  It’s amazing how we often take things for granted and assume that they will always be around.  This week marks Weekly Wishes’ very last post – boo hoo!  But the good news is that a new and exciting link up – The Blog Hive - will be taking its place, so do stick around and see what The Nectar Collective has in store! I’m really looking forward to it! J

A general overview of last week: I think I did pretty well overall and achieved most of the goals I set for myself.  It’s been pretty tough as I’m really busy at work, and have to weave everything else in around that.  Oh, one thing I failed miserably at was my attempt at waking up an hour earlier every day.  I’ve got to try harder!

If you're like me and need to pack a lot of stuff into your day then read my blog post on how to make the most of your time here.  

GOALS FOR MAY: a selection! (you wouldn’t want to see the whole list!!)

·         Relax and renew – in Santorini.  Yep I’m off the amazing Greek island of Santorini for a few days on Wednesday and I CANNOT WAIT!  It’s somewhere I have always wanted to visit.  I’m going with the hubby to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I am literally bursting with excitement.  Stay tuned for photos and how it all went!

·         I have a handful of projects on the go and the key word this coming month is ACTION.  I have been doing lots of planning and now the time has come to act!  I’ve found I plan a lot and tend to be a perfectionist always trying to get the planning right but that delays the action which is the most important bit!  So this month it’s all systems GO!

·         Plan a family summer holiday.  Long overdue.  Ok so I’ll just have come back from Santorini lol, but we all need to go on a family holiday – my daughter and stepson will have just finished exams so a holiday will be just what they need.  I love planning holidays!

·         Exercise – I have not been doing very well at all in this area and my excuse is that I have been working on our plot (trust me, its gruelling work!) and doing lots of DIY too – and this is exercise, right?  But I would like to get back into the habit of doing proper routine exercise when we return from Santorini!

·         Blog makeover.  My blog is well overdue a complete overhaul.  It’s been ticking along nicely but it has been lacking a proper focus, direction and strategy and I’m looking forward to learning lots from Melyssa over at TNC – she has tonnes of blog tips and guidance

So, I guess it’s goodbye Weekly Wishes – it’s been such fun and what I’ll miss most is the fellow bloggers who I linked up with – I will definitely be keeping in touch with them and hopefully see you all over at the new Blog Hive!  

Thanks Melyssa for doing such a marvellous  job of keeping this thriving link up going – onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to make the most of your time

Rich or poor, the one thing none of us can get more of is time.  Every day each and every one of us is given 24 hours in which to do everything we need to.  Some are masters of time and achieve huge amounts while others fail miserably and do nothing.  Why is this?  For me, there is one thing that makes a world of difference.

It all boils down to planning ahead.  What does Jim Rohn mean by ‘don’t start your day until you’ve finished it’?  Well, before the day even starts, you need to decide the day before what you want to achieve the following day and how you plan to do so.  I don’t know about you, but waking up in the morning knowing fully what I need to do keeps me focused and on purpose.  On the other hand, waking up without the foggiest idea of what you’re going to be doing that day leaves you completely out of control and all you land up doing is reacting to everything that’s thrown at you that day. Another Jim Rohn quote springs to mind (I love his quotes):

‘Either you run your day or your day runs you.’ 

And how true is that?

Using this simple philosophy of ‘not starting your day until you finish it’ will work wonders.  And the same principle applies to your week, your month, your year and beyond.

You don’t have to spend two hours planning.  Even five minutes will do if that’s all you’ve got.  If I’m really pressed for time, I’ll scribble stuff down on a post it note or in my notebook as thoughts pop into my mind during the day.  At the end of the day I’ll have a look at it, prioritise actions and go to sleep knowing what needs to be done the following day. 

For me, this is a major key to making good use of my time.

Do you plan your day in advance or do you go with the flow?