Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Wishes #10 | 7 Goals in 7 Days

I must apologise for dropping off the face of planet Earth.  I can’t even say where the last few weeks have flown to.  But I’m back, and that’s the main thing!  I have learnt that in order to keep a blog going, it is imperative to be disciplined, focused and consistent, so that’s what I’ll be doing going forward as I took my eye off the ball for a bit just when things were picking up too.  I love blogging so much but somehow life just happens and you find you have other things to deal with too and then blogging suddenly takes the back seat.  Hasn’t helped that my daughter has decided to take over my laptop either, meaning I need to get a new one for myself – I don’t like sharing my laptop!

So – here we are – Weekly Wishes!  How I’ve missed this great link up!  If you’ve never taken part, be sure to do so – it’s great fun.  I won’t even bother recapping on my last Weekly Wishes as they are so far in the past now (and probably still not done)!  So straight onto this week’s Weekly Wishes – I call them my 7 Goals in 7 Days:

1.    Go to the gym at least once this week (at least I’m being realistic!).

2.    Wallpaper our living room (our home refurb has largely been to blame for my long absence!!).

3.    Get up to speed with this year’s TEDx Youth event in Croydon, my local area.  I’ll be taking part this year for the second time as volunteer manager (last year I was event manager), it’s so inspiring working with such talented young men and women.

4.    Post at least four blog posts this week and revamp my blog a bit (ok, a lot).

5.    Eat healthy.  No chocolate, no fried food, no fizzy drinks.  I stay away from those things usually anyway, so it won’t be too difficult – I just need to drink more WATER!

6.    Purge my bedroom.  I have made a start.  You would not believe how much stuff has come out of there and there’s still loads more to go.  Sigh.  I need to stop hoarding.

7.    Book a short break somewhere.  I’m eyeing out either Morocco or Cyprus, would be great to have a break.

And that’s me for the week J  I’ll be putting up posts about my adventures in Amsterdam and Northern Ireland as well as my DIY & allotment adventures and also revive my Confessions of a Blogaholic series, so do stop by to say hi!

And what are YOUR goals for this week (can you believe that it will be August on Friday?!) ?  

Monday, 16 June 2014

7 Goals in 7 Days | Weekly Wishes #9

Is someone fast forwarding time?  I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in the middle of June!  This last week has been rather challenging for me, it’s been really full on so I barely even looked at my last Weekly Wishes let alone achieved them!  Anyway this Thursday my hubby and I will be taking a well deserved short break to Amsterdam so I am very much looking forward to that!  I usually meticulously research and prepare what we’re going to be doing, but this time round, I booked flights out of the blue, randomly chose a hotel without looking to see exactly where it is and that’s it!  We’ll have to make things up as we go along – maybe it will be a bit more fun that way!  Anne Frank’s house is a definite on our list, other than that we’ll probably just explore the city ourselves and hopefully have time for one or two of the amazing museums there too.
Here’s a rundown on how I fared with last week’s goals:

1.    Write/ schedule at least 4 blog posts.  Erm, no.  Embarrasingly my last post is last week’s Weekly Wishes, how pathetic is that L  I blame it on my crazy hectic week

2.    Sign up for two upcoming local fairs to promote my wellbeing business – check J  All signed up and paid and ready to roll for July, looking forward to it as my wellbeing business has been lying dormant for a while 

3.    Finish wallpapering our hallway – don’t even get me started on this.  Annoyingly I did the wallpaper lining wrong and had to strip it all (again!) and start again.  However, the hallway is 80% papered, nearly there!  Just the wall behind the dratted radiator now! 

4.    Start putting together my speech for my next Toastmasters meeting.  Short answer is no.  See 1 above for my excuse! 

5.    Spring clean at least 2 rooms at home.  Again – nope.  I’ll get there soon though! 

6.    Run at least twice with my 10km run just weeks away now!  I ran once which is a good start.  The race seemed so far away when I registered and all of a sudden it’s round the corner – panic!  Definitely more running on the agenda this week! 

7.    Spend half an hour on reflection/ planning every day.  Actually yes, despite my crazy week.  There were quite a few sunny days last week and so when I got home I sat in the garden probably for half an hour or more and I eased my guilt by using it as reflection/ planning time.  Works a treat and helps me to focus rather than run about like a headless chicken.

And my goals this week?

Actually – I think I’ll set myself ONE goal this week and that’s to do a 'life audit'.  June is always a time of reflection for me as a halfway mark through the year, so this week I’ll try to evaluate where I am and where I’m going in terms of my goals set for this year and my life in general!  It's always so easy to get caught up in the hype and just get pushed along through life. 

And of course catch up with all the goals I didn’t achieve last week!  Oh, and go to Amsterdam – so it’s actually half a week for me this week - eek!

Linking up with Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective! 

How has your week been and what are your main goals for this week?
The Nectar Collective

Monday, 9 June 2014

7 Goals in 7 Days | Weekly Wishes #8

It’s Monday again!  Which means it’s time to link up with Weekly Wishes over at the Nectar Collective -  a place where we share our goals for the coming week and make new friends J

Last week I listed my monthly goals rather than my weekly ones so I’m going to jump straight into my Weekly Wishes for this week!  I call mine my 7 Goals in 7 Days – here goes!

1.    Write and schedule at least 4 blog posts this week – my blog has really been taking a back seat in recent weeks thanks to all the DIY we’re doing at home and other commitments I have – not great! 

2.    Sign up for two upcoming local fairs where I can promote my part time beauty, health & wellness business 

3.    Finish wallpapering our hallway – this is really doing my head in and taking much longer than I planned L  

4.    Start putting together my speech for my next Toastmasters meeting 

5.    Spring clean at least two rooms in our house – this is well overdue!! 

6.    Run at least twice – I have a 10km run next month – eek! 

7.    Spend half an hour on reflection/ planning every day – find out why it’s beneficial here!

I could actually add another 50 things I need to do this week but I’ll leave it at that!  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with stuff to do at the moment and think I need to take a breather, however, the hubby and I are going away for a weekend break to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks’ time (yay) and my good friend and I have also booked a spa night in Belfast (Northern Ireland), where she lives, for July – so I have a couple of things to look forward to at least, thank goodness!

How has your week been, and what are you looking forward to this week?
The Nectar Collective