Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Weekly Wishes nr 16 | Blog link up

Is it really nearly mid October?  Eek!  The last seven days have simply flown past! 
Linking up for Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective!

Last week my goals were to:

1.      Learn how to back up my blog.  Nope.  I don’t learn do I (I lost a number of blog posts last week L). 

2.      Put together a plan for the last quarter of the year.  Still in the process but yes this is definitely happening! 

3.      Prepare to launch my part time wellbeing and beauty business.  Still some last minute bits and bobs but I’m mostly there. 

4.      Finish landscaping the top section of our garden.  90% there.  We’ve laid white cobbles down and I grossly underestimated the number of bags we’d need :-/ we actually need double!  I’ve bought half of the remaining cobbles we need and will get the rest today.  Photos to follow soon J 

5.      Make a trip to our allotment as I haven’t been in weeks.  Embarrasingly I was forced to, whether I wanted to or not, I got an email from the allotment committee saying our allotment needed weeding and tidying.  It was like a jungle!  We stormed through it over the weekend and it looks presentable again, phew!  We also have a bag full of pumpkins now so I’m hunting down pumpkin recipes! 

6.      Finish my book outline.  Ha!  I haven’t even started, let alone finished.  This will carry over to this week (sigh).

7.      Go to the gym.  I won’t even make excuses, the short answer in no L

This week my goals are to:

1.     Finish my ‘Final Quarter’ plan 

2.     Start – and finish – my e-book outline 

3.     Purge my bedroom – the amount of stuff in there is unreal 

4.    Find a tiler to lay our bathroom, toilet and kitchen floor tiles.  It has been ridiculously difficult to find an available (good) tiler, I am really hoping we find one this week as winter is approaching mighty fast L 

5.    Get my hair trimmed.  I can’t even remember when last I had my hair trimmed! 

6.    Buy a few basic pieces for my autumn/ winter wardrobe – I am starting to feel the cold!

Me thinks that’s enough to keep me busy this week!  

What are your goals for this week?

The Nectar Collective

Monday, 6 October 2014

Make a Habit, Break a Habit | blog link up

I am so excited today to be linking up with Lauren from My Passion Journey as well as Brittney from The Pinnacle Project for their Make a Habit, Break a Habit blog link up!
Habits.  We all have them.  But are they good or bad?  Bad habits can cause us to stagnate, or worse, lead us to self-destruction.  Good habits, on the other hand, can propel us into achieving all we are capable of.  Read my post about sowing good habits here!
So this month I really need to develop some good habits.  Have you read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey?  This is an awesome book that everyone needs to read.  In this book he suggests we spend our year focusing on and developing just four good habits – that’s one habit every quarter.  Doesn’t sound like much, right?  We want to cram it all in and magically develop 100 good habits in a year!  However, do you still find you struggle to go the gym, ten years later?  Do you still struggle to floss every night, thirty years later (lol)?  Focus on one habit every quarter and soon it will become second nature and you’ll be able to get it done almost without thinking because it will be so embedded in your habits!
So this is the way I’ve decided to do it.  Yes I’ll be working on developing other habits but I will have a major focus too every quarter, a lifelong habit I wish to develop.
Habit to make:
Wake up an hour earlier every morning.  This will give me an extra hour a day to do something.  Read my bible for a great start to the day.  Work on my blog or a project.  Go for a run or to the gym.  I could do so much!  The trade off though is probably that I’ll need to sleep an hour earlier to balance things out but that’s a good thing as I am always so much fresher in the mornings and am so much more productive than late at night.  And did you know that apparently an hour’s sleep before midnight is the equivalent of two hours after midnight?  That’s even more of an incentive.  So we’ll see how I’ll fare with this!  This is the only habit I am making for October and I’m sure other habits will spring out of this such as gym going, exercise, and things I can do with this 'extra' hour.  Well we’ll see at the end of October won’t we!

Habit to break
Eating muffins!  I’ve become a bit of a muffinaholic lately, I really need to have healthier breakfasts and mid-morning snacks but I find muffins so yummy and comforting and filling.  Once in a while yes, but on a daily basis is a bit much.  I need to get back into my oats and green tea routine for breakfast! 
What habits are you making and breaking this month? 

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

5 reasons to keep a journal

I have always kept a journal on and off throughout my life.  Why?  Well these are the main reasons I have kept a journal – can anyone relate?

1.      Release

There are some things you just can’t say to people or publish on your blog so a journal is a great place to let loose on all your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, the lot!

2.      Clarity
I don’t know about you but writing down my thoughts, feelings, plans gives me a sense of clarity and even direction.  Just the act of writing things brings thoughts from somewhere in my brain (which sometimes disappear before I can act on them) onto ‘paper’ (well usually a computer screen!) making it more real.
3.      Organise your thoughts 

Along with clarification comes organisation.  Do you ever have a million thoughts and ideas swimming around in your head at the same time?  Writing it all down helps me to organise my thoughts and make them more actionable.  Have ideas for a DIY project at home?  And a business idea?  And a meal or garden idea?  Write them all down and then you can act on them and not forget it all!

4.      Accountability 

It’s always better to be accountable to another person who will check on you and motivate you to achieve whatever you set out to do, but if you’re one of those people who can be accountable to yourself, then writing it down is almost like being accountable to someone.  Many people who take diary writing seriously view their diary as ‘another person’.  Ever read Anne Frank’s Diary?  She called her diary ‘Kitty’ and she really wrote as though she was writing a letter to a friend. 

5.      Memories
I haven’t been good at keeping the diaries I kept over the years as I moved between various cities and countries quite a bit, which is a big shame (and let’s hope they didn’t fall into the wrong hands, haha) but I did discover a diary I kept when I was twelve the other year when I visited my dad, it was so surreal (and hilarious) reading about my twelve year old life!  I’d really encourage you to keep all your diaries, even now, because in twenty years time it will be great to read back.  Also, there is nothing like a handwritten diary, and I really want to try to keep one of those as I use the computer more.

Do you keep a journal, and why?